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Registered Massage Therapy

Intuitive Energy Healing

Life Coaching



Aesthetician and Owner
Roberta Carr

Long-time clients share their testimonials of Roberta's services.

Joining Roberta are:

Angie Maroney – Aesthetician
Kimberlee Murchison – Healing Massage
Sheena Villeneuve – Acupuncturist
Suzannah Mills – Registered Massage Therapist
Gypsy Hart – Holistic Massage
Kim MosiukAyurvedic Massage
Lesley Lawrence Ayurvedic Massage
Karen – Office Support Staff
Kaylee – Office Support Staff and Make-Up


At Nanaimo Elements Holistic Centre & Spa,
we strongly believe in supporting the five pillars of health –
physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and community. 
We intend to establish a lasting and positive relationship
with our clients and co-workers. We commit to setting
the highest possible standard in our community
for quality of service and product, and believe that our success
depends on our commitment to ethical business practices,
stewardship of the environment and a true belief in what we do.
Mutual rewards come to all from
the cooperative manifestation of these beliefs.


You are the sky.
Everything else - it’s just the weather.
                                             Pema Chödrön


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